Happy Housekeepers Gift Certificates

Happy Housekeeping ~ Cleaning Services in Southern Idaho

How buying a Happy Housekeepers Gift Certificate will make you a hero:

  • Your friend has out-of-town guests coming for the weekend, but no time or energy to clean.
  • An acquaintance just had surgery and won’t be able to keep up with house chores for awhile.
  • A family member is about to have a new baby – what an excellent shower gift!
  • She loves to entertain at home, but preparing for a party means hours of cleaning she doesn’t have time for.
  • A neighbor is relocating for work and barely has time to pack, but really needs that cleaning deposit back.
  • Newlyweds return home from their honeymoon to a bright and shiny place!


Gift Certificate

Entitles recipient to one professional, standard house-cleaning, up to four hours.
Choose your closest Local Office:

Please call your local office upon a successful purchase to validate your Gift Certificate.

Terms & Conditions

Gift Certificates are redeemable through all Personnel Plus locations. Treat as cash, and if lost, it will not be replaced. A Gift Certificate may be applied to the cost of any housekeeping service, for up to four hours of cleaning. This Gift Certificate expires one year from purchase and its value is forfeited if not redeemed by expiration.